Barbells for Boobs – 2020

October is breast cancer awareness. This year I am fundraising for Barbells for Boobs again. I would like to discuss what this amazing community is and all that they continue to do for me.

The following is taken from Barbells for Boobs mission located on their website “Barbells for Boobs is a 501(3) non-profit organization. We are providing support and education to incorporate physical activity as the foundation for breast cancer risk reduction, treatment and survivorship. We strive to improve the quality of life and outcomes in individuals impacted by breast cancer.”

2019 was a hard year for me. I progressed to metastatic breast cancer, had brain surgery followed by brain radiation. I really was struggling to find my way back even to my cancer normal. It was taking longer to recover from my chemo infusion than prior to brain surgery/radiation and also I was suddenly getting new side effects. Cancer the gift that keeps on giving. In November 2019 I decided to reach out to Barbells for Boobs and filled out an application to become part of their RAD program. I also did my first fundraiser with them because I believe in their vision.

2020 has been a crazy year to say the least. Barbells for Boobs has been working tirelessly to get the resources to those impacted by breast cancer through the many challenges 2020 has brought. My RAD intro call was so amazing. It made me feel like I found what I had been missing, a community that understood what I needed and could relate to me. They went over all the programs they had available to me. Barbells for Boobs RAD(resources after diagnosis) are providing physical activity(RADWODs), support(peer to peer groups) and education(exercise oncology, nutrition and mental health). I also was guest on their podcast Behind The Bra to share my story. I will include the link to my episode on the podcast website here.

My goal this year was to raise $1500 for Barbells for Boobs. I have hit this goal as of last week(thanks to all who have donated) I would like to keep going and see how much we can raise for them but I need everyone’s help. It would be amazing if we can raise $2020. I know 2020 has impacting people in so many different ways. If you are able to donate please consider making a donation on my page linked here. If you are unable to donate please share this blog post or my fundraising page with family and friends. It’s amazing how many people can be reached by sharing through your social media and emails.

Here are some facts Barbells for Boobs provided that nobody talks about in October in a recent email sent out about what my fundraising efforts have done. Click on each link to read more about each statistic. 58% of women with breast cancer experience cancer-related depression. Approximately 80% of newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer experience PTSD symptoms. 32% of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer experience General Anxiety Disorder. Regular exercise can have a positive effect on depression, anxiety and stress. 92% of the women in Barbells for Boobs programs are physically active. Supporting Barbells for Boobs enables them to continue their work in redefining the standard of care in breast health and improve the quality of life, post- diagnosis. Every $20 raised funds one resource. The cost to support one woman a month is $120. One in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

Other ways to support Barbells for Boobs is through their men’s and women’s collection in their shop. 100% of the shop sales goes to support their programs.

Published by Krissi Rae

I was diagnosed with two different breast cancers in August 2017. In June 2019 one of them spread to my brain. What started as a fight through breast cancer became a battle living with metastatic disease.

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