Looking back at 2020

As 2020 comes to an end ask yourself what has this year done for you. Most will say this was the worst year of their life but was it really? Did you learn anything about yourself? Are you happy with who you are? Did you make any changes to love yourself more? Did you learn what really matters in your life or maybe who really matters? These are just questions to consider.

For me 2020 wasn’t what I had envisioned but it was exactly what I needed. I was not able to go to Ireland like we had planned. However, I did learn that chemo is kicking my ass and I need to listen to my body more. I learned it is OK to not be OK. I learned to rest when I am not at my best. On my good days I made sure to focus on what makes me happy. I finally got into a lifting routine that works for the me NOW not the me BEFORE.

As we go into the new year take what you have learned from 2020 and use it toward making 2021 better. The world needs more empathy and you never know what a person is battling. As this post is being published I will be receiving my monthly chemo, what a way to end 2020.

Happy New Year!

October 2020

Published by Krissi Rae

I was diagnosed with two different breast cancers in August 2017. In June 2019 one of them spread to my brain. What started as a fight through breast cancer became a battle living with metastatic disease.

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